With the skills and experience of the first Brazilian private enterprise to provide offshore drilling services in Brazil, and to operate a semi-submersible unit anchored at a water depth in excess of a thousand meters in the country, Odebrecht Oil & Gas continues innovating by building platforms fitted with cutting-edge technology, thereby ensuring greater efficiency and quality, and excellence in safety, health, and environment.

Odebrecht Oil & Gas offers chartering and deep-water offshore drilling rig operation services. The drilling fleet consists of four drillships and three semi-sumersible rigs. Oil being discovered in the pre-salt cluster set a new era for the development of the oil industry in Brazil.

NORBE VI, a state-of-the-art semi-submersible platform capable of operating in water depths of up to 2,400m, initiated operations in Brazilian waters in 2011. This unit is noteworthy because it marks the resumption of Odebrecht's offshore drilling operations. The unit gives continuity to a series of platforms with the same name which were part of the Odebrecht Organization through Odebrecht Perfurações Ltda., OPL.

Also in 2011, started its operations in Brazil units NORBE VIII and NORBE IX, two drilling rigs capable of drilling in water depths up to 3000m.

The drilling units ODN Delba III and ODN Tay IV arrived in Brazil in March and April 2012 respectively. These are semi-submersible state-of-the-art drilling rigs capable of operating in water depths up to 2,400 m deep, a