About the Company

Odebrecht has provided services to the Brazilian oil industry since the late 1950's, when it began its long-term, trusted relationship with the then newly-created Petrobras.

In 1979, it kicked-off its offshore drilling operations, the first private Brazilian company to provide this type of service in Brazil. In the 1990s, it took its operations overseas, including the North Sea, and focused on delivering services and operating FPSOs.

In 2006, Odebrecht concentrated its investments in oil and gas in a new company, Odebrecht Oil & Gas.

OOG provides integrated, customized solutions for the upstream oil industry in Brazil and around the world. It can serve its Customers throughout their business cycle from design engineering, project management, and integrated service delivery to offshore drilling rigs and production platforms including the new challenges in deep water and the pre-salt. Odebrecht Oil & Gas focuses on creating value for both Customers and Shareholders, Business Excellence and Sustainability.

Its performance stands out not only for its diversity, but also for its commitment to invest in ongoing improvements within a framework of sustainable development. By p